LYMB.iO - Your interactive home gym

Gamified Fitness

Gaming has never been more active

Unmotivated? Bored of your home workout routine? Gamification will boost your motivation!

To overcome your weaker self can be hard. LYMB.iO is specially designed to distract you from workout pain by transforming exercise into fun games.


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Real Gaming. Real Workout

Active Family Fun

Kids love to play

Children are naturally active. All we need to do is to trigger it.

LYMB.iO device comes with educational games to learn math and geography, to improve memory skills as well as hand-eye coordination. LYMB.iO helps your kids to develop cognitive and physical skills while burning off excess energy and having a great time.


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More Than 30 Exergaming Apps To Make You Move

The LYMB.iO hardware has a wide range of exergaming apps for any skill level for maximum entertainment and a good exercise pre-installed.

30+ games and training apps included

This is exactly my kids and myself have been waiting for a long time. Playing together, challenge yourself and others. Have fun, be social and get fit the same time. I ordered one and can’t wait to get it. 😘

Reinhard, Backer on Kickstarter

This is absolutely amazing, As a hardcore gamer I defiantly want one, I've tried VR before to get my lazy ass up, but It wasn't my thing with all of those weird headaches, but this thing is in another level.

Reza, Backer on Kickstarter

How does it work?

LYMB.iO tracks the wall and the area in front of the system in real-time to provide a completely new physical gaming experience.

Together with our experience of creating engaging applications over the last years we are now able to make you move, jump, throw and kick objects to not just have fun, but also get your blood pumping - all that in a device the size of a shoebox. 

3-step set up

1. Attach LYMB.iO to the wall

2. Connect projector* with HDMI

3. Adjust scalable screen size

*LYMB.iO does not include a projector

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