About Us

LYMB.iO is the first home fitness solution that keeps you active while you're focusing on fun. Our interactive system turns any wall with a projector into your favorite ball games, a variety of fitness classes and lots of entertaining games to develop and train physical and cognitive skills.

Over the last two years.

The team and story behind LYMB.iO

About four years ago we decided that physical activity needs to be more fun and engaging to stay relevant in our digital age. For that, gaming was our blueprint to make people more active, using gamification to make them move and complete. 

LYMB.iO has been developed by the Munich Startup Fun with Balls GmbH.

Since then we had great success with our products MultiBall and interactiveSQUASH turning sports facilities, schools and family hotels into super cool mixed reality locations. From shooting monsters with a football to playing space invaders with a tennis racquet, we boost participation and fill sports facilities with new fun and new players.

So over the past years, hundreds of our users wanted the same experience to also play, train and have fun at home. Until now this seemed like an impossible task. But after many months of R&D and the creation of our own like of sensors, we are now able to take our proven operating system and all games into your living room. 

So, whether you want to work out, make your kids move regularly, or just want to have fun with your friends in an active way,

LYMB.iO is ready to unleash your physical activity.